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Fundamentals of Highly Successful TV Campaigns and Infomercials
for Hard-Hitting, Persuasive Campaigns

TV product selling and successful product marketing on TV are our specialty. We established Direct TV Impact on the principles of hard work, honesty and dedication to achieve highly successful TV campaigns and infomercials and ultimately sell your products on air.

To Sell Solutions, First You Need to Pinpoint the Problem
Demonstrating the problem and framing it in the
context of specific needs or problems in our daily life, sets up the backdrop for introducing the benefits that the new product will bring in terms of making life easier, less stressful, less messy.

Pile Up the Benefits: One at a Time
Each product feature needs to be linked to a benefit for the potential buyer, not as a list all at once, but one-by-one in an inexorable progression. This will allow the audience to absorb each specific benefit before being presented with the next. If the TV viewer is not convinced by the first benefit, then the second, the third, and so on, will achieve that goal. Metaphorically speaking, the benefits presentation should resemble a tidal wave of buying impulses that culminates with the viewer reaching for the phone.

Glamour Within Reach
The infomercial cast needs to be glamorous -- but accessible. The audience needs to have reasons to look up to the presenters, yet at the same time, they need to feel that the cast members could be their friends. In other words, the cast should be made of personalities that are aspirational but not too far beyond customers' reach. In the subconscious of the potential buyer, the product becomes a bridge to these personalities.

Provide Ample Reassurance
In a world full of Internet stores and media bombardment with claims and counterclaims, a special emphasis needs to be placed on reassuring the potential buyer that the product performs as presented, is safe, the seller has a good reputation, and stands behind the product.

Product Expertise Goes a Long Way to Persuade Potential Buyers
The credentials of the presenters and their facility with product details, competitive advantages, ways the product makes life easier for the buyer are essential ingredients of TV selling success. The combination of reputation and demonstration carries enormous credibility.

A successful TV campaign can have a huge impact on your business and we are here to help you have a successful product infomercial marketing campaign and selling through the media.

Did you ever asked yourself the questions: "How to sell my product on TV?" or "What is involved in selling my product on TV?" or "How do I present product on TV?" You can have a FREE consultation with us and we will show you the advantage of TV selling and the benefits to TV selling. Contact us today for more info about product TV selling. Also if you need a QVC pitchman or an HSN pitchman, please let us know. QVC and HSN employ great TV personalities who can sell your product.


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